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Get more insight into what you spend and more oversight of how you manage it with Pacific Mercantile Bank's MasterCard® Commercial Credit Card. This multi-use card can be used for all your business purchases, from travel and entertainment to accounts payable and supplier expenses. Take advantage of features like in-depth reporting tools, more convenient program administration, fraud protection monitoring, and loyalty programs. It is all part of our strategy to help you get maximum value from your commercial credit card.

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Give your company every advantage with Pacific Mercantile Bank’s Commercial Credit Card.

  • Cost and time savings: A single platform solution to help you improve efficiency while providing the information and control you require.

  • Employee convenience: With our comprehensive program, one card can help you with all corporate spending activity–purchasing, travel and entertainment.

  • Centralized spend control: Improve management of purchases with preset spending limits on purchasing amounts, number of transactions, type of supplier, and other criteria. Change purchasing authorization and spending limits easily.

  • Rewards Program: Earn a tangible benefit from a rewards program with rich and flexible redemption features.

  • Improved supplier negotiations: Centralized data on all expenditures enables improved information for spend analysis and leveraging supplier relationships.

  • Payment flexibility: Our program gives you one monthly invoice for all expenditures and centralized expenditure data–making it easier to obtain expense details, make payments, and reconcile your account.

Now you can save time, money and effort while boosting employee productivity.

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  • Cindy Verity, Executive Vice President, Head of Cash Management

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  • William Hickox, Senior Vice President, Card Services Product Manager

  • Shamara Vizcarra, Senior Vice President, Senior Treasury Management Advisor


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